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Advanced Screenwriting: Raising Your Script to the Academy Award Level
Linda Seger
Silman-James Press | August 2003 | Softcover, 236 pages | ISBN 1879505738

Have you been practicing your Oscar acceptance speech in front of a mirror for most of your adult life? Linda Seger guides writers, new and experienced alike, through the steps to making your script as good as it can be. (more info...)

Alternative Scriptwriting: Writing Beyond the Rules, 3rd Edition
Ken Dancyger & Jeff Rush
Focal Press | October 2001 | Softcover, 336 pages | ISBN 0240804775

Go beyond the mainstream: take risks with genre, structure, tone, voice, and character to discover more personal, experimental narrative forms of scriptwriting. (more info...)

Anatomy of A Screenplay: Writing the American Screenplay from Character Structure to Convergence
Dan Decker
Screenwriters Group | June 1998 | Softcover, 201 pages | ISBN 096657320

With clear logic and accessible language, Anatomy of a Screenplay goes beyond the rigid-rule and subjective approaches to screenwriting to show a flexible and accurate way of understanding a screenplay. (more info...)

Aristotle's Poetics for Screenwriters: Storytelling Secrets from the Greatest Mind in Western Civilization
Michael Tierno
Hyperion | 2002 | Softcover, 167 pages | ISBN 0786887400

Long considered the bible for storytellers, Aristotle's Poetics is a fixture of college courses on everything from fiction writing to dramatic theory. Story analyst Micheal Tierno shows how this classic work can be an invaluable resource for beginning and advanced screenwriters. (more info...)

Blueprint for Screenwriting : A Complete Writer's Guide to Story Structure and Character Development
Rachel Ballon, PhD
Lawrence Erlbaum Associates | 2004 | Softcover, 168 pages | ISBN 0805849238

Ballon helps readers understand the key “building blocks” of story structure and character development, including characters’ emotional and psychological states, story conflicts, and scene and act structure. She also covers the essentials of outlines, treatments, synopses, and formats. (more info...)

Blueprint for Writing
Rachel Friedman Ballon
Lowell House | | Hardcover, 232 pages | ISBN 1565651251

More than a comprehensive workbook on structure and development for screenplays and novels, this book is a source of inspiration, a philosophy-based directive to make every word sing on the page. (more info...)

Could it be a Movie? How to get Ideas out of Your Head and up on the Screen
Christina Hamlett
| 2004 | Softcover, 269 pages | ISBN

Is there a movie inside of you that’s been yearning to get out but you don’t know where to begin? This book is a roadmap to determine if film is the best destination for your creative ideas. It will teach you how to identify whether your plot packs enough punch to be a hit movie! (more info...)

Crafting Short Screenplays that Connect
Claudia Hunter Johnson
Focal Press | 2005 | Softcover, 294 pages | ISBN 0240806417

This book teaches the craft of writing short screenplays through writing exercises of increasing complexity. The new edition includes a DVD with the award-winning short films based on the screenplays in the book. This valuable tool allows you to compare the written word with the final product. (more info...)

Crafty Screenwriting: Writing Movies that Get Made
Alex Epstein
Owl Books | October 2002 | Softcover, 274 pages | ISBN 0805069925

A seasoned development executive, Epstein has not only seen his own television and movie scripts produced, he has accepted and rejected countless screenplays and supervised dozens of writers. Now, in this indispensable guide, he shows you how to write a script that will make a producer think, "This is a movie!" (more info...)

Creating Emotion in Games
David Freeman
New Riders | 2004 | Softcover, 540 pages | ISBN 1592730078

David Freeman brings you the insider scoop on how to apply the emotioneering techniques he's so well known for. David's techniques are a highly sought after feature in games because they greatly increase a players level of immersion and involvement which is key to a games success in today's market. (more info...)

Developing Story Ideas
Michael Rabiger
Butterworth-Heinemann | April 2000 | Softcover, 214 pages | ISBN 0240803981

Developing Story Ideas offers students and other young artists a spectrum of resources and a structure of writing practice so that anyone can quickly and reliably generate a wide variety of stories. It does so stressing the importance of understanding oneself and creating collaboratively. (more info...)

Digital Storytelling : A Creator's Guide to Interactive Entertainment
Carolyn Handler Miller
Elsevier | 2004 | Softcover, 453 pages | ISBN 0240805100

Detailed planning processes for all types of interactive projects are discussed, including video games, massively multiplayer online games (MMOGs), the Internet, interactive TV, cross-media productions, smart toys, virtual reality, immersive environments, wireless devices, kiosks, and DVDs. (more info...)

Fade In: The Screenwriting Process, 2nd Edition
Robert A. Berman
Michael Wiese Productions | May 1997 | Softcover, 412 pages | ISBN 0941188582

Here are the basics of dramatic writing, structure, characterization, and techniques to get you writing a screenplay that'll get agents turning the pages. A very good beginning book for step-by-step work through the screenwriting process. (more info...)

Film and Literature : A Comparative Approach to Adaptation
Wendell Aycock & Michael Schoenecke, Eds.
Texas Tech University Press | | Softcover, 192 pages | ISBN 0896721698

Classic films can and do derive from classic literature, but the process by which they arrive stirs debate among veteran filmmakers and scholars alike. How do these films endure despite their tailoring for specific stars, audiences, and contemporary social or political messages? (more info...)

Film Scriptwriting: A Practical Manual 2nd Edition
Dwight V. Swain
Focal Press | | Softcover, 422 pages | ISBN 0240511905

This second edition of the widely acclaimed Film Scriptwriting is a truly practical manual for the working writer. It provides all the step-by-step guidance you need to script both fact and feature film and video - from getting and developing ideas to the writing of master scene or shooting script. (more info...)

Final Draft Presents Ask The Pros: Screenwriting - 101 Questions Answered by Industry Professionals
Howard Meibach and Paul Duran, Eds.
Lone Eagle Publishing Company | May 2004 | Softcover, 205 pages | ISBN 1580650562

Can’t sell your screenplay? Problems with your third act? Ask the pros! Brought to you by Final Draft, this book is packed with answers to your questions. From formatting to dealmaking, it tackles every problem with perspectives that range from top agents and executives to producers, screenwriters. (more info...)

Gardner's Guide to Animation Scriptwriting: The Writer's Road Map
Marilyn Webber
GGC Publishing | October 2000 | Softcover, 208 pages | ISBN 0966107594

Practical hands-on guide to completing a script. Take the direct route to creating a winning animation script. Master the art of writing humor. Don’t get lost on the way. The Writer’s Road Map is user-friendly, illustrated and fun. Learn all you need to know from an expert. (more info...)

Gardner's Guide to Feature Animation Writing: The Writer's Road Map
Marilyn Webber
GGC Publishing | April 2002 | Softcover, 284 pages | ISBN 1589650026

Develop feature-length animation scripts. Understand the basics of writing animations, the differences between animation and live-action scripts and feature animation genres. (more info...)

Gardner's Guide to Screenwriting: The Writer's Road Map
Marilyn Webber
GGC Publishing | April 2000 | Softcover, 223 pages | ISBN 0966107578

The Writer’s Road Map is for anyone who has a great script idea, but doesn’t know how to write it. You will learn how to develop marketable stories, create interesting characters, construct strong script structure, pen sharp dialogue, weave interesting themes, and write original scenes. (more info...)

Global Scriptwriting
Ken Dancyger
Focal Press | June 2001 | Softcover, 240 pages | ISBN 0240804287

Global Scriptwriting offers a look at an exciting new phase in screen storytelling, as writers and directors from all over the world infuse traditional forms with their own cultural values to create stories that have an international appeal. (more info...)

Good Scripts, Bad Scripts: Learning the Craft of Screenwriting Through 35 of the Best and Worst Films in History
Thomas Pope
Three Rivers Press | April 1998 | Softcover, 256 pages | ISBN 0609801198

What better way to avoid the pitfalls of bad writing than to learn from somebody else's mistakes? Each chapter poses a different screenwriting dilemma and analyzes it through the virtues or mis-steps of a particular film, which include Fargo, Last Action Hero and Pulp Fiction. (more info...)

Hot Property: Screenwriting in the New Hollywood
Christopher Keane
Berkley Publishing Group | September 2003 | Softcover, 297 pages | ISBN 0425190404

Screenwriter Christopher Keane's groundbreaking new step-by-step, personalized system clues you in on how to win that game by shifting your screenwriting focus to meet the demands of a new, independent Hollywood and still remain true to your own vision. (more info...)

How NOT To Write A Screenplay: 101 Common Mistakes Most Screenwriters Make
Denny Martin Flinn
Lone Eagle Publishing | 1999 | Softcover, 226 pages | ISBN 1580650155

Written by a Hollywood screenwriter, How NOT to Write A Screenplay carefully identifies and examines the common mistakes screenwriters invariably make when writing a screenplay. According to the author, while all good screenplays are unique, all bad screenplays are the same. Find out how to avoid those common pitfalls. (more info...)

How to Adapt Anything into a Screenplay
Richard Krevolin
John Wiley & Sons | March 2003 | Softcover, 218 pages | ISBN 0471225452

How to Adapt Anything into a Screenplay takes you from concept to finished draft. it is a nuts-and-bolts approach to adaptations. Aspiring and established screenwriters everywhere, take note! This down-to-earth guide clearly articulates the craft of adaptation. (more info...)

How to Build a Great Screenplay
David Howard
St. Martin's Press | 2004 | Hardcover, 446 pages | ISBN 0312252110

Drawing on decades of practical experience and savvy, Howard deconstructs the craft of screenwriting and carefully reveals how to build a good story from the ground up. Howard emphasizes personal style, and maintains that a great screenplay requires dozens of unique decisions by the author. (more info...)

How To Write A Movie in 21 Days: The Inner Movie Method
Viki King
HarperCollins | | Softcover, 191 pages | ISBN 0062730665

Workshop teacher and writer King demystifies the screenwriting process with this 3-week program. If you follow it, you will end up with your first draft. One sure-fire concept is that the eight to ten-minute session is do-able, and produces results, so if you think you have no time, you're covered. (more info...)

How to Write a Selling Screenplay: A Step-By-Step Approach to Developing Your Story and Writing Your Sceenplay by One of Today's Most Successful Screenwriters
Christopher Keane
Broadway Books | May 1998 | Softcover, 320 pages | ISBN 0767900715

Christopher Keane has spent 20 years in the business, learning the truths--and the tricks--of writing a selling screenplay. In How to Write a Selling Screenplay, he takes writers through the entire process, from developing a story to finding the best agent. (more info...)

How to Write for Animation
Jeffrey Scott
Overlook Press | May 2002 | Hardcover, 224 pages | ISBN 1585672408

With step-by-step instructions, an award-winning animation writer details every stop on the road from inspiration to production, with sections on premises, outlines, story-boards, dialogue, and much more. 13 illustrations. (more info...)

How To Write High Structure, High Concept Movies: A Step-By-Step Guide to Writing High Concept, Structurally Foolproof Screenplays!
Rob Tobin
Xlibris Corp | | Softcover, 184 pages | ISBN 738827932

This book is exactly what the title implies: a step-by-step manual on how to write structurally sound, high-concept screenplays. (more info...)

Laughing out Loud: Writing the Comedy-Centered Screenplay
Andrew Horton
University of California Press | January 2000 | Softcover, 230 pages | ISBN 0520220153

More than a genre, comedy is a way of looking at the universe. In LAUGHING OUT LOUD, Andrew Horton explores this notion by analyzing screwball romantic comedies such as the classic IT HAPPENED ONE NIGHT, as well as comedies from around the world. (more info...)

Lew Hunter's Screenwriting 434
Lew Hunter
Berkley Publishing Group | January 2004 | Softcover, 352 pages | ISBN 039951838X

The conductor of UCLA's legendary graduate workshop--Screenwriting 434--presents a book as spirited, candid, and wise as the course on which it is based. Hunter guides readers through every stage of the screenwriting process by actually having them write an original screenplay. (more info...)

Making a Good Script Great 2nd Edition
Linda Seger
Samuel French | | Softcover | ISBN 573699216

If you're writing your first script, this book will help develop your skills for telling a compelling story. If you're a veteran screenwriter, this book will articulate the skills you know. And if you're stuck on a rewrite, this book will help you analyze and solve the problems and get you back "on track." (more info...)

Making a Good Writer Great: A Creativity Workbook for Screenwriters
Linda Seger
Silman-James Press | | Softcover | ISBN 1879505495

A realistic and thoughtful workbook designed to stimulate the creativity of screenwriters. Seger explains how to push yourself to the next level, by boosting your confidence, sharpening your writing skills and infusing your work with your own hopes and struggles. (more info...)

Principles of Adaptation For Film and Television
Ben Brady
University of Texas Press | | Softcover | ISBN 292708076

Producer/teacher takes you through the how and the why of adaptation and demonstrates keys to the entire scriptwriting process. Sample script included and an excellent chapter on questions every writer can ask himself about the finished work before submitting it to a producer or director. (more info...)

Raindance Writers Lab: Write + Sell the Hot Screenplay
Elliot Grove
Focal Press | July 2001 | Softcover, 240 pages | ISBN 0240516362

Learn from an experienced trainer not just how to write but sell your script like a pro. Elliot Grove uses a hands-on approach to screenwriting. He uses step-by-step processes illustrated with diagrams and charts to lend a visual structure to the teaching. (more info...)

Scenario: The Craft of Screenwriting
Tudor Gates
Wallflower Press | 2002 | Softcover, 129 pages | ISBN 1903364264

Scenario presents a system of analysis of the structures of successful screenplays. All the essential building blocks are discussed in depth: the need for a strong premise; the roles of protagonist and antagonist; the orchestration of plot, characters and dialogue leading to a clear resolution. (more info...)

Screen Adaptation: A Scriptwriting Handbook
Kenneth Portnoy
Butterworth-Heinemann | | Softcover | ISBN 240803493

Screen Adaptation examines the challenge screenwriters face when adapting novels, plays, and short stories for the screen. This book provides practical, usable information on how to find the best plot line for a script, choose key characters, and understand the goals and formats of different genres. (more info...)

Screen Teen Writers: How Young Screenwriters Can Find Success
Christina Hamlett
Meriweather Publishing LTD. | April 2002 | Softcover, 248 pages | ISBN 1566080789

The author's enthusiastic and motivational approach is supplemented with anecdotes, advice and enough how to information to give every novice the confidence to give screenwriting a try! Many examples from popular movies make the book accessible, relatable and fun. (more info...)

Screencraft: Screenwriting
Declan McGrath and Felim MacDermott
Focal Press | 2003 | Softcover, 176 pages | ISBN 0240805127

Screencraft: Screenwriting is an inside look at the art of writing for film through intimate interviews with 13 of the world’s best screenwriters. You’ll learn what helps a script connect with the audience, how to craft plot and character with skill, and how to create dialogue that sparkles. (more info...)

Screenplay by Disney
Jason Surrell
Disney Editions | 2004 | Softcover, 176 pages | ISBN 0786854405

The animated films created by The Walt Disney Company are renowned for stories that amuse, astound, and inspire. Now, for the first time, the screenwriters behind these beloved movies offer aspiring screenwriters a chance to learn how to incorporate the magic of Disney into their celluloid dreams. (more info...)

Screenplay Companion
W.L. Davis
Write-Side Productions | | Softcover | ISBN 963917714

Need help organizing your writing schedule and your script? This book has it all. From registration form to calendar. The book has tabs for everything to track your project with check and balance sheets for the hook, character threads, scene analysis, and back story to help keep your plot on track. (more info...)

Screenplay: The Foundations of Screenwriting
Syd Field
Dell Publishing | | Softcover | ISBN 440576474

This step-by-step guide has helped hundreds of screenwriters get their scripts sold. Follow Field's advice on structure, style, and technique and you'll be able to move from concept to the finished script. He thoroughly answers questions about adaptation, collaboration and marketing. (more info...)

Screenplay: Writing The Picture
Robin U. Russin & William Missouri Downs
Silman-James Press | July 2003 | Softcover, 438 pages | ISBN 1879505703

Screenplay is a complete screenwriting course—from developing a theme, researching a story, plotting and structuring a script, developing characters, and plying methods that aid the actual writing and rewriting processes through understanding the ins and outs of marketing and pitching scripts. (more info...)

Screenplaying: Arming Yourself for a Shot at Screenwriting
John Scott Lewinski
Xlibris Corporation | 2000 | Softcover, 220 pages | ISBN 0738823643

Finally, an instructional book for the beginning screenwriter! Take advantage of this all-purpose guide for newbie screenwriters. (more info...)

Screenwright: The Craft of Screenwriting
Charles Deemer
Xlibris | March 1999 | Softcover, 220 pages | ISBN 0738803367

By popular demand from his students, Charles Deemer has published a definitive manual on the craft of screenwriting. Using first hand knowledge of the craft, Deemer guides you through the whole writing process from concept, format and structure through the rewrite. (more info...)

Screenwriting 101: The Essential Craft of Feature Film Writing
Neill D. Hicks
Michael Wiese Productions | | Softcover | ISBN 941188728

Informative and authoritative, this book will help you focus your screenplay so it satisfies an audience. Discover how to create "ordered conflict," shape your story so it makes sense and focus the struggles of your character. (more info...)

Screenwriting for the 21st Century
Pat Silver-Lasky
Batsford | 2004 | Softcover, 137 pages | ISBN 0713488336

Successful scriptwriter Silver-Lasky takes the reader through the basics of screenwriting and beyond. As she freely admits, while she can't teach talent, she can teach techniques. She provides concepts that will make it easier for you to harness your own vision and creativity to write successfully. (more info...)

Screenwriting from the Heart: The Technique of Character-Driven Screenplay
James Ryan
Watson-Guptill | | Softcover | ISBN 823084191

The essential value of character-driven screenplays is demonstrated in this engaging, step-by-step approach to showing aspiring filmmakers, writers, and movie buffs how a script is created through the development of compelling characters. (more info...)

Screenwriting from the Soul: Letters to an Aspiring Screenwriter
Richard Krevolin
Renaissance Books | | Softcover | ISBN 1580630367

Sure most screenwriting books cover the technical stuff, but few touch on the emotional. Written in the form of a dialogue, Krevolin explains what you'll need emotionally to make it as a writer. Clarifies why writers should remember the three P's: Patience, Persistence and Perseverance. (more info...)

Screenwriting is Storytelling
Kate Wright
Perigee Books | October 2004 | Softcover, 288 pages | ISBN 039953024X

Find out how to focus on story and theme within the structure of a screenplay with Emmy Award-winning writer/producer Kate Wright. (more info...)

Screenwriting Tricks of the Trade
William Froug
Silman-James Press | | Softcover | ISBN 1879505134

A terrific teacher throws out formulae as a technique to lead the aspiring writer to his or her own approach and style of screenwriting, based on their experiences. Lively and thought-provoking, Froug urges you to think deeper, widen the breadth of experience, and go further than you thought possible. (more info...)

Screenwriting Updated: New (and Conventional) Ways of Writing for the Screen
Linda Aronson
Silman-James Press | | Softcover | ISBN 1879505592

This book identifies a variety of basic parallel structures, explains how and why they work, and establishes the principles of their construction. The author presents these contemporary forms in relation to tried-and-true 3-act structure, rendering unconventional forms as easily grasped as conventional. (more info...)

Screenwriting with a Conscience
Marilyn Beker
Lawrence Erlbaum Associates | 2004 | Softcover, 245 pages | ISBN 0805841288

Screenwriting With a Conscience is for screenwriters who care deeply about what they write; screenwriters who are aware that movies matter and can influence audiences; screenwriters who want to create meaningful screenplays that make powerful statements while entertaining and winning over audiences. (more info...)

Screenwriting: The Art, Craft and Business of Film and Television Writing
Richard Walter
Plume Books | | Softcover | ISBN 452263476

Nationally known as the leading teacher of screenwriting, Walter makes his classes available to all screenwriters, offering the essential how-to's as well as a wealth of practical advice. (more info...)

Screenwriting: The Sequence Approach
Paul Joseph Gulino
Continuum | 2004 | Softcover, 230 pages | ISBN 0826415687

The challenge in writing a screenplay is sustaining audience involvement. This book explores an often-overlooked tool that can be key in solving this problem. By focusing on solving the dramatic aspects of each sequence a writer can more easily conquer the challenges posed by the script as a whole. (more info...)

Script Analysis: The Godfather, Tootsie and Blade Runner
Jeff Kitchen
| October 2003 | Softcover, 173 pages | ISBN

This companion book to Jeff Kitchen's Writing a Great Movie: Four Advanced Tools for the Dramatist features dramaturgic analyses of The Godfather, Tootsie and Blade Runner using Jeff's tools. They take you deeper into the full use of these tools and help you gain mastery of them for your own screenwriting process. (more info...)

Scriptwriting for the Screen
Charlie Moritz
Routledge | January 2001 | Softcover, 174 pages | ISBN 041522912

Scriptwriting for the Screen is an accessible guide to writing for film and television. It details the first principles of screenwriting and advises on ways to identify and formulate a story and develop ideas in order to build a vivid, animated and entertaining script. (more info...)

Secrets of Film Writing
Tom Lazarus
St Martin's Press | June 2001 | Softcover, 233 pages | ISBN 312269080

The award-winning screenwriter of "Stigmata" reveals the secrets successful screenwriters employ to get Hollywood to green light their projects. The UCLA extension course instructor also shows how to pitch, follow up, polish, and present one's work. (more info...)

Secrets of Screenplay Structure: How to Recognize and Emulate the Structural Framework of Great Films
Linda Cowgill
Lone Eagle Publishing | | Softcover | ISBN 158065004

Based on great movies from the 1930s to the present day - from Rashomon to Jerry Maguire -- this is an in-depth analysis of how form and function can combine to successfully bring a story to life. (more info...)

Secrets of the Screen Trade
Allen B. Ury
Lone Eagle Publishing Company, LLC | "December 2004 " | Softcover, 165 pages | ISBN 1580650600

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a novice, Secrets of the Screen Trade will help you improve your chances of getting read, getting noticed and finally getting paid. (more info...)

So You Want to be a Scriptwriter and Make a Million Dollars
Irving Elman
Writers Club Press | 2000 | Softcover, 251 pages | ISBN 0595099777

This book was written to fill a need. Elman found that many of the books he read were written from hearsay and observation and not based on first-hand knowledge or personal experience. He wrote this book based on his experience writing 8 movies, over 2,000 television shows, 3 Broadway plays, and 2 stage musicals. (more info...)

Stealing Fire From The Gods: A Dynamic New Story Model for Writers and Filmmakers
James Bonnet
Michael Wiese Productions | | Softcover | ISBN 941188655

Master a new writing model that helps shape your thoughts and feelings into vital, real stories. This book unlocks the secrets to making your work more profound, enduring and successful. (more info...)

Story: Substance, Structure, Style, and the Principles of Screenwriting
Robert McKee
Regan Books | | Hardcover | ISBN 60391685

McKee's workshops have earned him a reputation for inspiring novices, refining works in progress and putting screenwriting careers back on track. In Story, McKee expands on the concepts in his seminars, providing readers with a comprehensive, integrated explanation of the craft of screenwriting. (more info...)

Television & Screen Writing: From Concept to Contract 4th Edition
Richard Blum
Focal Press | December 2000 | Softcover, 336 pages | ISBN 240803973

Reviewed as one of the most comprehensive books about the business of filmwriting, this information-packed guide covers both the creative end of screenwriting and the specifics of what producers look for and what they really buy. (more info...)

The Art of Adaptation: Turning Fact and Fiction into Film
Linda Seger
Henry Holt & Company | February 1992 | Softcover, 238 pages | ISBN 0805016260

Required reading for anyone interested in transforming novels, plays or true-life stories into screenplays by a master teacher (more info...)

The Art of Creative Writing
Lajos Egri
Citadel Press | 1993 | Softcover, 224 pages | ISBN 0806502002

"Every type of creative writing depends upon the credibility of a character." This fundamental observation serves as the basis of Lajos Egri's The Art Of Creative Writing. He offers a step-by-step guide for the development of fiction, plays, and television and radio scripts. (more info...)

The Art of Screenwriting, 2nd Edition
William Packard
Thunder's Mouth Press | July 2001 | Softcover, 224 pages | ISBN 1560253223

For the novice screenwriter who requires information on both technique and story, this is the book to read. (more info...)

The Complete Book of Scriptwriting
J. Michael Straczynski
Writer's Digest Books | June 2002 | Softcover, 424 pages | ISBN 1582971587

To survive and thrive in show business, you need to know how to write and sell your writing. J. Michael Straczynski learned these realities the hard way. In "The Complete Book of Scriptwriting," he shows you the easy way. You'll find out what the business is really like - and how you can succeed writing scripts. (more info...)

The Complete Idiot's Guide to Screenwriting 2nd Ed.
Skip Press
Alpha Books | November 2000 | Softcover, 365 pages | ISBN 0028639448

This guide is for anyone who has ever thought of screenwriting. It reveals the most popular genres, explains how stories need to be structured for feature films and TV movies, offers the freshest look at workshops and online classes, and discusses how to set up a step-by-step path to success. (more info...)

The Everything Screenwriting Book
Robert Pollock
Adams Media Corporation | October 2003 | Softcover, 273 pages | ISBN 1580629555

In this no-nonsense guide, Hollywood insider and professional screenwriter Robert Pollock takes you step by step through the intricate process of writing a script – characterization, plot, climax, and conclusion – then shows how to successfully pitch and shop your work. (more info...)

The Hero Within: Six Archetypes We Live By
Carol S. Pearson, Ph. D.
Harper San Francisco | August 1998 | Softcover, 337 pages | ISBN 0062515551

Do your characters seem flat and one-dimensional? Are you striving to invest your protagonist with a more authentic personality? Harnessing the power of archetypal characters brings realism, and resonance to your work. The Hero Within reveals how to tap the power of the archetypes that exist within. (more info...)

The Megahit Movies
Richard Michaels Stefanik
Multimedia Systems Group | June 2004 | Softcover, 532 pages | ISBN 1882373049

This 2004 updated edition includes in depth analysis of recent blockbuster movies such as Shrek 2, Spider Man 2, Harry Potter, Bruce Almighty, The Matrix Trilogy, Finding Nemo, Pirates of the Caribbean and The Lord of the Rings. (more info...)

The Screenplay Workbook
Jeremy Robinson & Tom Mungovan
companion workbook journal | October 2003 | Softcover, 200 pages | ISBN 1580650638

This workbook will help you create characters, plots and concepts – bringing it all together to give you a more efficient way to concentrate on actually writing your screenplay. Instead of staring a blank page, you can start with a series of worksheets designed to get you going on the creative path. (more info...)

The Screenwriter Within: How to Turn the Movie in Your Head Into a Salable Screenplay
D. B. Gilles
Three Rivers Press | | Softcover | ISBN 609804952

If you've ever dreamed of writing a screenplay, The Screenwriter Within is the book for you. Insightful, inspirational, and wildly irreverent, it takes you through all the stages of the writing process, using references to hit movies and the author's personal experience. (more info...)

The Screenwriter's Bible: A Complete Guide to Writing, Formatting, and Selling Your Script 3rd Edition
David Trottier
Silman-James Press | | Softcover | ISBN 1879505444

An excellent primer for the new scriptwriter who needs to know the formatting and style of submitting and marketing your script. Fine list of resources for courses, organizations and costs, and interesting checkpoint system to rev up your characters and your plot. (more info...)

The Screenwriter's Problem Solver
Syd Field
DTP | | Softcover | ISBN 440504910

America's favorite screenwriting teacher demonstrates how to understand what makes great stories work, from the first ten pages on; make action build character; recover when you hit the wall, and more importantly, how to catch the flaws before you submit. (more info...)

The Screenwriter's Workbook
Syd Field
Dell Publishing | | Softcover | ISBN 440582253

Here is your very own hands-on workshop--the book that allows you to participate in the processes that have made Syd Fields workshops invaluable to beginners and working professionals alike. (more info...)

The Secrets of Action Screenwriting
William C. Martell
| | Softcover | ISBN 970067704

240 pages packed with techniques and tips for screenwriters, focusing on the action, thriller and suspense genres. No theories! Only actual techniques! The ultimate HOW TO screenwriting book! (more info...)

The Visual Story Seeing the Structure of Film, TV and New Media
Bruce Block
Focal Press | April 2001 | Softcover, 262 pages | ISBN 240804678

The Visual Story offers students and professionals in cinematography, production design, directing and screenwriting a clear view of the relationship between the story/script structure and the visual structure of a film or video. (more info...)

The Writer's Guide to Writing Your Screenplay: How To Write Great Screenplays for Movies and Television
Cynthia Whitcomb
Kalmbach Publishing Co. | March 2002 | Softcover, 224 pages | ISBN 0871161915

In this valuable guide, professional screenwriter and author Cynthia Whitcomb shares her know-how on the elements of writing for the screen. Learn methods for creating a structure, making the screenplay "come to life", and how to revise in only three drafts. (more info...)

The Writer's Handbook 2005
Elfrieda Abbe, Ed.
Kalmbach Publishing Co. | 2004 | Softcover, 1003 pages | ISBN 0871162121

Updated and revised throughout, the definitive career resource for writers provides over 1,000 pages of essential information, how-to advice, and paying markets you won't want to miss! (more info...)

The Writer's Journey: Mythic Structures for Writers 2nd Edition
Christopher Vogler
Michael Wiese Productions | | Softcover | ISBN 941188701

Guidelines and exercises from a major story analyst will help you create realistic characters and structure plots based on the work of Joseph Campbell. (more info...)

The Writing Group Book: Creating and Sustaining a Successful Writing Group
Lisa Rosenthal
Chicago Review Press | December 2003 | Softcover, 235 pages | ISBN 1556524986

Would you love to have honest, thought provoking critiques of your work from writers you respect? Have you longed for a writing group to belong to, but couldn’t find one? The Writing group book is your new best friend. (more info...)

Tools of Screenwriting: A Writer's Guide to the Craft and Elements of a Screenplay
David Howard & Edward Mabley
St Martins Press | | Softcover | ISBN 312119089

A comprehensive guide to writing screenplays by an experienced screenwriter and a respected writing teacher. Along with sections on the sreenwriter's craft, basic storytelling, and the parts and objectives of a screenplay, the book is distinguished by analyses of sixteen successful screenplays. (more info...)

Treatment Pack
David Freeman
| | Softcover | ISBN

If you've ever wondered how treatments differ from one another for television series, movies-of-the-week or features, then you’ve found your book. (more info...)

What Are You Laughing At?
Brad Schreiber
Michael Wiese Productions | December 2003 | Softcover, 278 pages | ISBN 0941188833

There are writing exercises to help bring out the humorist in you, and add pizzazz to your creative endeavors. You’ll learn to write for television, film, and stage, as well as the 11 modes of comedic dialogue, 13 bad things screenwriters commonly do, and the “Cream of Wheat Theory” of exposition. (more info...)

Write Screenplays That Sell: The Ackerman Way
Hal Ackerman
Tallfellow Press, Inc. | September 2003 | Softcover, 275 pages | ISBN 1931290520

With this book every professional writer gets a lifetime collaborator and every aspiring writer has a teacher in residence on his or her shelf. From Structure to rewrites, Hal Ackerman guides you seamlessly through the writing process from beginning to end. (more info...)

Writing a Great Movie: Four Advanced Tools for the Dramatist
Jeff Kitchen
| October 2003 | Softcover, 289 pages | ISBN 0974771511

Screenwriting instructor Jeff Kitchen provides a full explanation of his teaching tools and builds an original screenplay from scratch to demonstrate them. (more info...)

Writing Dialogue for Scripts 2nd Edition
Rib Davis
A. & C. Black, Ltd. | April 2003 | Softcover, 160 pages | ISBN 713648023

This work deals with the genres of stage, radio, television and film, providing examples and giving practical advice. Chapters deal with conversation, naturalistic and stylised dialogue, pace and variation, scripted narration, comic dialogue and presentation. (more info...)

Writing Great Screenplays for Film and TV
Dona Cooper
MacMillan Publishing | | Softcover | ISBN 28615557

The American Film Institute's bestselling guide is now updated to cover the latest techniques for crafting first-rate screenplays for film and television. Professional, practical, and totally authoritative, this outstanding reference is a favorite of aspiring screenwriters and their teachers. (more info...)

Writing Screenplays that Sell
Michael Hauge
Harper Perennial | | Softcover | ISBN 62725009

The up-to-date, acclaimed guide to writing and selling screenplays to today's film and TV markets. This is the new screenwriter's bible. (more info...)

Writing Scripts Hollywood Will Love - Revised Ed.
Katherine Atwell Herbert
Allworth Press | 2000 | Softcover, 151 pages | ISBN 1581150741

Veteran screenwriter and analyst Katherine Atwell Herbert gives aspiring and experienced screenwriters an indispensable, insider’s view of the process of conceiving, writing, and marketing a winning film or television script. (more info...)

Writing Short Films: Structure and Content for Screenwriters
Linda Cowgill
Lone Eagle Publishing | | Softcover | ISBN 943728800

Writing a short film requires as much diligence in creating compelling characters and story, constructing structure, and using proper formatting as a feature film. This book makes clear what's necessary and what's not. (more info...)

Writing the Character-Centered Screenplay: Updated and Expanded Edition
Andrew Horton
University of California Press | | Softcover | ISBN 520221656

A definitive work on the character-based screenplay covering mainstream and alternative features and television work built on strong central characters. Four examples from TV and film give credence to his theories and an excellent source list of film festivals, fellowships and contests are included. (more info...)

Writing the Comedy Film
Stuart Voytilla and Scott Petri
Michael Wiese Productions | March 2003 | Softcover, 180 pages | ISBN 0941188418

This book takes you into the world of comedy and helps you discover what makes us laugh, and how can you craft better comedy. With easy-to-use guidelines, learn the successful mechanics and characteristics of various comic story forms. (more info...)

Writing the Fantasy Film
Sable Jak
Michael Wiese Productions | October 2004 | Softcover, 197 pages | ISBN 0941188965

Writing the Fantasy Film guides the screenwriter through the Fantasy script process — without having to sprinkle the fairy dust. This book will help you create and write a saleable screenplay in this highly competitive category. (more info...)

Writing the Killer Treatment: Selling Your Story Without A Script
Michael Halperin
Michael Wiese Productions | January 2002 | Softcover, 150 pages | ISBN 094118840x

A treatment, which may range from one to several dozen pages, is the snapshot of the writer’s feature film or TV script. A treatment reveals the story’s structure, introduces characters and hooks, and is often the writer’s first and only opportunity to pitch his or her project. (more info...)

Writing the Romantic Comedy: How to Craft a Screenplay that Will Sell
Billy Mernit
HarperCollins | | Softcover | ISBN 60935030

Whether you're a first time screenwriter, or an intermediate marooned in the rewriting process, this thoroughly charming and insightful guide to the basics of crafting a winning script will take you step by step from "cute meet" all the way to "joyous defeat." (more info...)

Writing the Second Act: Building Conflict and Tension in Your Film Scripts
Michael Halperin
Michael Wiese Productions | | Softcover | ISBN 941188299

Every screenplay needs an attention-grabbing beginning and a satisfying ending, but those elements are nothing without a strong, well-crafted middle. The second act is where most of the action is: where your characters grow, change, and overcome the obstacles that will bring them to the resolution at the end of the story. (more info...)

Writing the Short Film 3rd Edition
Patricia Cooper & Ken Dancyger
Focal Press | October 2004 | Softcover, 359 pages | ISBN 0240805887

This format demands unique narrative, and benefits from experimental applications like hyperdrama, docudrama, and melodrama. Through an interesting new section, you'll learn of the many genres that match the short-film format and about the storytelling process. (more info...)

Writing the Thriller Film
Neill D. Hicks
Michael Wiese Productions | October 2002 | Softcover, 152 pages | ISBN 0941188469

Writing the Thriller Film concentrates on the Cosmos of Credibility, those not-so-obvious elements of screenwriting that contribute the essential meaning to a script. To do so, this book traces the thematic commonalities that actually define the genre, and offers corroboration from a number of screenplays. (more info...)

Writing Treatments That Sell: How to Create and Market Your Story Ideas to the Motion Picture and TV Industry, 2nd Ed.
Kenneth Atchity & Chi-Li Wong
Owl Books | February 2003 | Softcover, 240 pages | ISBN 0805072780

In this entertaining guide, writer-producers Ken Atchity and Chi-Li Wong tell readers everything they need to know to create an effective and salable treatment--one that includes such key elements as a compelling conflict, likable characters, plot twists, a climax, and visual drama. (more info...)

Zen and the Art of Screenwriting
William Froug
Silman-James Press | 1996 | Softcover, 332 pages | ISBN 1879505312

Do you ever wish you could pick the brain of a successful Hollywood screenwriter? Have you ever seen a great film and wished you could be mentored by the writer? Well, Zen and the Art of Screenwriting is like a whole book full of mentors, just waiting to share their unique insights with you. (more info...)

500 Ways To Beat The Hollywood Script Reader: Writing the Screenplay the Reader Will Recommend
Jennifer M. Lerch
Fireside Books | July 1999 | Softcover, 192 pages | ISBN 0684856409

How to write a screenplay that gets past Hollywood's gatekeepers, the Script Readers, who are the first to read your script whether you send it to a movie studio or a talent agency. Use this book to discover the criteria Script Readers use to recommend or decline your screenplay. (more info...)

A Poetics for Screenwriters
Lance Lee
University of Texas Press | March 2001 | Softcover, 160 pages | ISBN 0292747195

Writing screenplays that capture the imagination requires more than following the formulas prescribed by the dozens of screenwriting manuals. Understanding the dramatic elements that make up a good screenplay is crucial for writing a memorable movie. Lee offers writers an overview of the dramatic elements of screenplays. (more info...)

A Story Is A Promise
Bill Johnson
Blue Haven Publishing | September 2000 | Softcover, 204 pages | ISBN 0967393280

This book is designed to guide writers towards a new understanding of the process of creating and writing dramatic stories. The first section how a story functions like a promise and how you can fulfill a story's promise to the audience. (more info...)

A Writer's Roadmap
Wendell Wellman
1st Books Library | 2002 | Softcover, 209 pages | ISBN 1403387524

A Writer’s Roadmap is a simple but effective tool for helping you write a screenplay. Wellman guides the reader through important landmarks in the creation of a script: Getting your idea, honing it to perfection, finding your hero, and a worthy opponent, and using myth to lend depth to your work. (more info...)



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